Jimena Shepherd's thirteen years of vocal experience, studying, performing, teaching, and directing, have well acquainted her with all the highs and lows of developing the voice.  She recognizes that every voice is different, and every student has different passions and goals.  Jimena works to discover and understand the personal qualities of each individual singer.  She cultivates a safe, fun learning environment that facilitates her students' understandings of their own instruments, and trains healthy vocal production and technique for free and dynamic sound.  Jimena incorporates the Body Mapping methods to promote powerful, sustainable singing for a lifetime of music.

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Jimena accepts students of any level.  She only requires an eagerness to learn, not just sing, during lessons, and a commitment to practice throughout the week.  For singers twelve and under, Jimena may require an audition or, "get to know you" lesson to determine if the student is of the right attitude and maturity to study consistently.




30 minutes      $25 

45 minutes      $30

60 minutes      $35




To hire Jimena for performances, recitals or gigs, please contact for availability and rates.


All information regarding scheduling, rescheduling, cancellations, and payment methods can be found on the voice studio policy. CLICK HERE TO READ DOCUMENT.

 If you still have questions please contact Jimena. 


Lessons offered Mondays - Fridays

E-mail: Voice@OvationPA.com
Cell: (541) 419-1545

Availability of lessons contingent on day and time