“There are no small parts, only small actors.” 

OPA prefers ensemble heavy shows and our productions feature the ensemble first.  Every one of our young actors is trained in stagecraft, encouraged to discover his or her own unique voice, and pushed to work up from ensemble to principal roles.  Not every student becomes a career thespian, but we believe there's a magic and a certain life-changing brightness that grows out of the challenge and triumph of the performing arts.

Currently, Ovation Performing Arts Theatre serves a homeschool theater community with rehearsals during public school hours.  These shows are educational historical fiction productions.  Shows include choral, theatrical, and soloistic music in English and foreign languages, dance in ethnic and theatrical styles, lots of parts for lots of actors and they are always family-friendly with overt Christian values. 

“I am always amazed at the originality and quality of OPA performances.”

current production

FREE CONGO is our current major musical theatre production in our popular "History Performers" tradition.  Set during the Scramble for Africa and King Leopold II's notorious reign over the Congo Free State.  FREE CONGO features songs in English, French and Lingala, and dance in classical European and powerful African traditions.  This is an ensemble-heavy show with approximately thirty speaking roles and numerous ensemble scenes and musical numbers.

Rehearsal and Shows

Our rehearsal schedule is only two days a week but rigorous.  Students are expected to practice outside of rehearsals.  Enrolled actors will audition to be cast into appropriate parts, although everyone is guaranteed an ensemble role just by registering.  Theatre is hard work, especially musical theatre, but we also make unforgettable memories and friendships before the end.

Our mission is to serve both the Bend and Redmond theatrical communities.  For FREE CONGO, we are offering rehearsals in both cities.  These two groups will rehearse separately for seven weeks, then merge together for another four weeks, alternating between Bend and Redmond, before tech week and opening weekend at the Pinckney Theater located on the COCC Campus.


Auditions and Requirements


  • Ages 9  - 18.  Actors outside this age range may register by director approval only.

  • A liability waiver, including a photo release, must be signed at auditions.

  • A conflict sheet against our rehearsal and show dates must be submitted at auditions.

  • Auditions will involve prepared songs, monologues, and an unprepared dance audition.

  • Specific audition details and expectations, including a short synopsis of each character, will be sent to registered families.


Tuition and Costs


$225 first child
$210 second child
$200 third child
$195 fourth child+



Phone: (541) 815-4160

“OPA directors bring out the absolute best in their actors and the energy of every show is extraordinary.”

PASt productionS

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Gneel Costello


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Kim King


photo credit:

Kim King


photo credit:

Gneel Costello