Jonathan Shepherd has been teaching private piano lessons for over thirteen years and continues to offer quality piano education to students of all levels and ages.  Beginners are taught classical technique, literacy, and theory.  Advanced pianists are encouraged to continue studying classical music, but given opportunities to specialize in other styles. 

"Playing by ear" or improvising are options too.

Jonathan works to make piano challenging and fun and matched to his students' personal talents and goals.  Whether you've made up your mind to be the next great concert pianist, or you're learning the language before choosing another instrument, or you just know you want music to be a part of your life somehow, there's a tempo that's right for you.  Or if it's piano accompaniment you're looking for, Jonathan can help you too.

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Weekly half-hour, forty-five minute, or hour long piano lessons on a grand piano at our home in NE Bend, or, for your convenience, at your home instead.  Students perform twice a year in studio recitals




30 minutes      $24  

45 minutes      $32

60 minutes      $20

Driving Fee     $12

Music and Materials      Free

Student Recitals              Free



Recurring or irregular piano accompaniment for rehearsals, recitals, competitions, recordings, or performances of any kind.  Any shape or size of ensemble welcome: choir, dance, vocal or instrumental soloists.  Please contact for rates and availability.


Piano lessons are a commitment to regular, weekly appointments.  Invoices are e-mailed at the beginning of the month and payment is due by the end of the month.  In the event of a conflict or illness, 24- hour notice is required for the option to schedule a make-up lesson within seven days.  If the instructor cancels a lesson at any time or for any reason, students will be offered a make-up lesson or credited the cost of the missed lesson on their next invoice.


Lessons offered Mondays - Fridays

E-mail: Piano@OvationPA.com
Cell: (541) 815-4160

Availability of lessons at your home contingent on day and location