• Auditions are Friday January 1st at 1:30 at Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church in Bend.  We host open auditions, meaning that families and friends are welcome to watch.

  • If you really want to audition but cannot make the audition (or callback) date, please reach out.  It's harder for us, but we still try to accommodate as best we can.

  • When you arrive, check in at the front table, we'll give you a number, take your picture, and collect your audition forms and liability waivers.  Blank copies of both will be made available or you may access them here.

  • Actors are to prepare a 30 - 90 second monologue.  No singing this time around.  No dance portion either.

  • I am accepting books, movies, self-written monologues (if you know what you're doing), "something I found on the internet", and of course other straight plays or musical theatre monologues.  Only monologues from Pride and Prejudice itself are unacceptable.  But material connecting to that time period and the same tone and themes of Pride and Prejudice, better yet your preferred character(s), helps us imagine which roles might fit you well.

  • And if you're new to auditions, practice clarity and a LOT of vocal expression and body language.  I'm allowing chairs, props, whatever little costume accents you might like to add - although none of that's necessary.  Again, I am expecting a competitive audition.  Try to dig deeper than just reciting a memorized paragraph.

  • Everyone should be honing their best British accent - mindful that there are many British accents, most of which are inappropriate for Pride and Prejudice.

  • You are welcome to leave as soon as you finish your monologue.

  • And you might decide to read Pride and Prejudice, the book, over Christmas break.  It's a good time to do it, and I'll be requiring this of the cast anyway.  You may also choose to watch the BBC 1995 Pride and Prejudice miniseries, (I believe it's on Hulu and purchasable on Amazon) although I am considering committing one or two rehearsals or evenings maybe to watching it together as a cast.


Tuition and Costs

  • $245 first child

  • $230 second child

  • $220 third child

  • $215 fourth child and on

  • We ask for tuition at first rehearsal to start covering costs, but it is not due in full until March 31st.

  • The only other additional cost may be clothes or shoes to be worn beneath or as a part of your costumes.

  • Limited partial scholarships are available.  Please comment during registration if you are interested in Pride and Prejudice but tuition is cost prohibitive.

  • Limited partial work scholarships are also available.  Parents and some older actors may agree to complete various costuming, set-building, or other projects and/or join some of our group work days.


Throughout the whole rehearsal season, actors will alternate between Bend and Redmond rehearsal locations.

  • Monday rehearsals (also auditions): Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church, 62162 Hamby Road, Bend, 97701

  •  Friday and Saturday rehearsals (also callbacks): The Bridge Church 2398 W Antler Ave, Redmond, OR 97756

Ovation Performing Arts is thrilled to set to stage Jane Austin's classic novel and the mold for regency romance: Pride and Prejudice.  Four proposals, three rejections, two marriages, and one scandal.  Both nostalgic for the die-hard fans and captivating to the uninitiated, playwright Rebecca Gellott's 2015 adaptation concentrates sixty-one chapters of Jane Austin magic into a two act romantic comedy faithful to the wit, charm and haughty air of the original.  Pride and Prejudice is OPA's first ever straight play (non-musical), and we are pulling out all the stops!  Authentic regency dance, accompanied by live music, with full period costume.  We are aiming for a richly cultured, immersive recreation of 1812 English high-society.

Director: Jonathan Shepherd

Choreographer: Annalise Farris

Assistant Director: Savana Walthinsen

Book by Rebecca Gellott

Based on the novel by Jane Austin



Central Oregon's Youth Troupe for singers,
musicians & actors.

Welcome to Ovation Performing Arts!  Jonathan and Jimena Shepherd combine their incredible musical and directorial talent to bring classic and historical education theater to Central Oregon. There is no greater ovation for us than to see young actors and musicians discover the exhilaration of expressing themselves onstage.  


OPA offers music lessons, workshops and theatrical productions designed to please the audience, but more importantly develop the artist.    

In addition to writing original scripts and musical scores, past directing successes include:  The Fantastics, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid Jr., Aladdin Jr. and Oliver!  




“I have done six productions with OPA. The directing team has a puzzling talent for taking an actor, both those desperately in love with the theatre and those necessarily not, and wringing out every drop of potential they have in them until the actor has something to be immensely proud of, and something they had the time of their life making,”


“I started with OPA when I was nine years old and have been in six productions. I have learned more about theatre, friendships, and even life lessons than I ever could have imagined. Theatre is not as easy as it sounds, but it is a fun, amazing, and a fulfilling experience I am incredibly thankful for.”


“I love being an actor with OPA because when you’re someone else, it doesn’t matter so much what the audience thinks of you and you can allow yourself to be lost in another world – a world that you’re creating for the people watching the show”


“OPA is so many things to me. One of them is family. I have been on the stage with my fellow actors for six productions. We’ve created relationships that will last a lifetime.  The experience has given me confidence and helped me to have “real” friendships instead of digital friends. I am so grateful I started on this path five years ago.”


Print your tickets or show

confirmation email at the door.

Box Office

Limited tickets are available at the door 30 minutes before show time for $15.00 each.


Use the southeast entrance of College Way via the Newport Ave roundabout. Take the first right onto Alpine Way and wind thru A parking lots to Loop Road.  Parking is immediately accessible at B2 or B1.  Limited parking space closer to theater at B3.  Stair access only at all parking areas.   For handicap parking, turn right on Loop Road and turn left at signs to B5.  Pinckney Theater connects to the Pence building for easy access.



Show posters will be visible at the top of stairs east and west of theater entrance. 




Piano (541) 815-4160

Voice (541) 419-1545

Theater (541) 815-4160

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